Technical Tour to House of Music

Musikkens Hus is one of the most ambitious concert hall projects in recent time in Denmark and was designed by COOP Himmelb(l)au from Austria. Musikkens Hus opened in 2014.


To start the presentation and tour in Musikkens Hus, the Head of Production Peter Klokker Fink Iversen, will be speaking about the thoughts and solutions chosen for the house.


The architect Coop (H)immelbau used the world-renowned concert house planning company Artec, (Arup) for all consulting regarding the acoustics in the house.


The Concert Hall is designed with focus on, and optimized to classical music, with changeable acoustics and no stage tower. The Minor Halls are designed and optimized for specific use for Rhythmic, Chamber or other Classical music, as requested by the users in the planning fase.


Closer to the opening it became clear that the house would also be used for many other purposes and created some challenges in order to find optimal solutions, for the versatile use.


The speaker will focus on these challenges as well, and how it was solved, in the presentation.


You will continue the tour in groups. The house consists of nine floors with stairs, balconies, and large windows, from which you can enjoy the beautiful Limfjord, which forms the basis for the aesthetic and environmental design of Musikkens Hus.


Practical information:


The tour will start with a bus pick-up at the conference venue at 13:30 (bus departure).


We will reach the House of Music 10 minutes later, and shall be seated in the symphony hall no later than at 14:00. The Aalborg Symphony Orchestra rehearse from 14:00 to 15:00. It is accepted to move from one seat to another during rehearsal, as long as it is done quietly and without talking.


At 15:05 the guided tour starts in four pre-assigned groups, and we will see the other areas of the House of Music. At 15:50, head of production, COO, Peter Iversen will give a tutorial about the Symphonic concert hall, and the thoughts about acoustics in the entire House. For organ connaiseurs, there may be an option for a small exclusive visit.


The visit will end around 16:20, where participants are required to make their own way back to the conference venue, or enjoy the waterfront until the Gala Dinner starts at 18:00 (separate tickets for dinner). The city center with restaurants and bars are within walking distance along the waterfront.


Tuesday, May 10th 2022 at 13:30
Musikkens Hus, Musikkens Pl. 1, 9000 Aalborg
Participation is free for delegates registered for the conference and accompanying persons, but shall booked in advance. A no-show fee of 50€ per unused ticket apply.

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